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Welcome to Pelanor

Pelanor is the leading provider of efficient payment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. 

We make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to get paid accurately.

With Pelanor, you can focus on what matters most: developing innovative therapies that improve patient outcomes.

A world where pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy benefit managers, healthcare providers, and patients can collaborate seamlessly

Disrupt the status quo in the pharmaceutical industry by revolutionizing payments and tracking

Use the latest technology to enable faster, more secure, and transparent payment process

Enable better patient outcomes and improved healthcare for all

Our vision

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Our mission

Our mission is to help pharmaceutical companies get paid for their drugs in an efficient and secure way.

We aim to simplify the complex payment process while ensuring transparency and compliance for all parties involved.

Our goal

To support developing and delivering innovative, life-saving therapies by facilitating a more efficient financial ecosystem.
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